Saturday, July 04, 2009

Staunton ~4th of July 2009~

The Staunton 4th of July 2009 parade started off with a true young entrepreneur strategically located at a prime location to capitalize on the high traffic flow of people headed towards the parade as well as those in the parade itself. Ever hear of the phrases "location, location, location" and with smile like that "marketing, marketing, marketing" was covered also...

Some of the first patrons to this enterprise were Delegate Steve Landes, Delegate Chris Saxman, Delegate Ben Cline, and Congressman Bob Goodlatte all of who were walking in the Staunton parade to meet, greet, and speak with those they represent in Richmond and Washington D.C.

The Augusta County Republican Committee provided the rolling billboard representing the strong Team GOP-VA of Bob McDonnell for Governor, Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor, Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General, and all of the local candidates for office...
The Staunton Republican Committee provided and manned the Republican booth along the parade route in Gypsy Hill Park Staunton...

Delegate Ben Cline, Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Delegate Chris Saxman, and
Delegate Steve Landes

Impressive flag display provided by the VFW post out of Verona, Virginia...

Also an impressive showing by many volunteers supporting the Shenandoah Valley ~Tea Part Patriots~

also in the parade was the truck representing the "Virginians for Energy Independence" effort to educate citizens of the incredible amount of domestic energy sources we have here in Virginia as well as just offshore. This effort presented facts and data regarding the available sources of oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, as well as the numerous opportunities we have to develop wind, solar, tidal, and other "alternative" forms of energy...

Delegate Steve Landes

Delegates Chris Saxman and Steve Landes

Congressman Bob Goodlatte

Delegate Chris Saxman

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