Monday, May 17, 2010

401K, Gold, or Coffee Can?...

With our Government(s) being Trillions of dollars in debt and even more Trillions in unfunded liabilities. We have elected officials who refuse to directly face the obvious threat and continue to ignore that promised benefits must be cut. They fear and know that many will not be re-elected if they cut benefits to many Americans who depend on these benefits but yet they do not understand they would get the votes and approvals from those paying the tax bills...
(Consider the 47% that does NOT pay any Income tax and who they will support)
Now after saying this what should those who have sacrificed over the years, saved their money, invested in a retirement plan, and worked towards securing their future retirement without depending heavily on the Federal government, what should they do?
Should we leave our money in the 401K account, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, with the hope that the government will not determine down the line that to "make the playing field more fair for all" changes are needed. Will they determine that we have too much in personal savings and the government will need those assets to provide for those who did nothing for their retirement?
So should I cash in my 401K and assets into Gold bars?
Or add to what I already have in the Coffee Can buried in the backyard?
Is it wrong to protect these assets from the Government and would that make me a "Bad Guy"?...

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