Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Obama Equation...

(a) (y) - k = x (oil allowed to leak into the Gulf)


Now it has been a few years since high school algebra class with Mrs. Resnick, but if I remember correctly it is possible to calculate a unknown result if you are able to find and use other known factors of the equation...


Let us take the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico as an example...

Let us also take a look at the "Obama factors" in this equation...


The Deepwater Horizon incident is an unfortunate accident that has resulted in 13 members of the Deepwater Horizon rig being killed as well as large damages to the coastal environments and economies. This will be a event that will take decades to know the actual costs to communities, individuals, economies, wildlife, and direction the country takes towards energy independence...


There has already been much written about how this event will highlight the evils of fossil fuels, their effects on the environment, global warming, and how the country must switch to "renewable" or "alternative" forms of energy to save the world...


With that there has also been much written about the 40+ years since the last large oil spill like this type and the impressive track record during this time. Also how efficient and productive oil and Natural gas is compared to many of the "alternative" forms of energy and how Oil\Gas has powered and continues to power the worlds economies....


There has also been much written about how BP is at fault and how BP must pay for the whole incident clean-up and damages to the environment and working communities. In fact the Secretary of the Interior has stated that they (obama administration) must keep "their boot on the throat" of BP to ensure they stop the leaking well and Pay for Everything...


It is also apparent that the Obama administration took its time in initially responding to this incident. But let us also look at other algebraic factors we can incorporate into the "Obama equation" to determine the amount of oil allowed to leak into the gulf as the result of the administrations inept handling of this incident...


a = flow rate at well head

y = actual days allowed to leak

k = amount of oil skimmed off surface by ships

b = amount of oil burned off by using fire booms

d = days it took to get the fire booms to the site since the fedgov

did not have them as required by their own law

q = number of days that the Obama admin refused foreign offers of help

j = the Jones act that Obama refused to suspend thus keeping foreign ships from helping

h = number of hours wasted by Fedgov incompetence and infighting

f = results of the Fedgov in actually doing anything that stopped the leak

bs = Obama's visits to the Gulf and actual action to stop the physical leak

r = days it took the Obama admin before they even acknowledged the incident

m = jobs and production lost due to the Obama admins moritorium on offshore drilling

c = concerts held to aid the coastal communites effected by the spill

w = the number of times that Obama blames this whole thing on George W. Bush




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