Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Gov. Terry-Mac continues the road trip instead of working in Richmond...

Our Governor Terry McAuliffe continues his road trip across Virginia pushing for a massive expansion of Medicaid instead of working with the Legislature in Richmond on a sensible and sustainable solution. Last week he was in Augusta County at Augusta Health and the local media dutifully covered the event, but just like the mainstream media covering Obama's roadtrips & grandstanding events, failed to ask hard questions or provide further details and facts to the issue they are reporting on...

The NewsLeader reported this on Terry-Macs last visit but instead of asking how this expansion will be paid for it decided to make the Republican as the bad guys without providing valid concerns brought up by the GOP House:

The Democratic governor flew to Wise County on Tuesday to meet with doctors, hospital officials and low-income residents who don’t have health insurance.
McAuliffe asked them to press their state lawmakers into supporting a plan proposed by the Virginia Senate to accept federal Medicaid dollars and expand eligibility for the publicity financed health insurance program.
The county is in the heart of coal country and is in one poorest regions of the state.
Leaders of the GOP-controlled House of Delegates are staunchly opposed to Medicaid expansion, saying it would likely hurt the state’s long-term economy.

Fortunately Republican House Delegate Christopher Stolle has provided important and valuable information in his piece printed here in the Pilot

Last week, the House of Delegates and the state Senate approved separate budgets for the 2015-2016 biennium. The difference between the two was an incredibly low $40 million, or less than one-half of 1 percent of the General Fund budget items to be negotiated by the House and Senate. Yet there is talk of a Washington-style shutdown of state government.
A shutdown would mean schools, cities and counties, roads, public safety and other core responsibilities of state government would have their funding delayed or reduced.
The reason for a shutdown would be the state Senate's 23-17 vote to include in its budget a provision called "Marketplace Virginia," a private insurance exchange that would allow the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

At Gov. Terry McAuliffe's urging, the Senate has unilaterally abandoned the MIRC agreement and put funding for state programs at risk.
We all want high quality, affordable and accessible health care for all Virginians. We disagree on how that should be accomplished.
Medicaid covers about 1 million Virginians and has grown 1,600 percent over the past 30 years. It makes up more than 22 percent of our budget and continues to grow at an unsustainable rate, threatening to crowd out other key services.
The price of expansion has varied by as much as $3 billion over the past two years. No one really knows how much it will cost the state to expand. We do know, however, that without dramatic reforms, adding 400,000 individuals is fiscally irresponsible. Please visit for presentations on Medicaid reform efforts.

Delegate Stolle brings up a very important fact and a question that the local media(s) should be bringing up at every "Grandstanding" stop made by our Governor....

McAuliffe has stated that Virginia is too dependent on federal dollars and that the impact of federal cuts and sequestration undermines Virginia's economic vitality. Yet he maintains we need to take more federal dollars for Medicaid. Expansion without reform would only increase the state's over-reliance on borrowed money from Washington

The entire piece by Delegate Stolle is very good and should be read by every Virginian citizen so to hear the facts & issues not being reported by much of the VA media. It can be found here.



Anonymous said...

don't expect any hard hitting questions from Watson, Fritz and the rest of the news gang over at the MisLeader. Just expect more snarky, ill researched and half baked editorials and hand wringing over why they continue to bleed revenue and readership. Is it just me, or has the addition of Deona Houff given the same pompous attitude to the Editorial page as when Dennis Neal haunted the area?

RightsideVA said...

Actually I am sure they take their "Marching orders" from the home office and owner Gannett company but I doubt they really mind that much. Interesting but I do miss the conversations I had when Dennis Neal would call to verify my "Letter to the Editor". You always knew where he was coming from and he was always up front... Actually a shame for I think NL would get some readership back up if they would only ask the obvious questions like the ones that even a little blog like this comes up with. But then again I believe they are also just trying to bring a little bit of C-ville to this side of the mountain...