Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Buena Vista Labor Day Parade ~2014~

Several observations from this weekend’s Labor Day Parade down in Buena Vista, Virginia..
  1.          It’s nice to be able to show up at a decent time just before the parade starts as compared to getting there hour and half earlier and trying to coordinate volunteers, committees, officials, etc. (Herding Cats)…
  2. 2.      Ridding “Shotgun” in the float pulling truck is much easier on the paws. Easier to observe the crowds and point out interesting factoids instead of later “Did you see that?”…..
  3. 3.      As I watched Democrat Senator Mark Warner (D) crisscross the street many times trying to shake as many hands and possible (with dependent local media in tow) it was obvious and easy to note how many empty business storefronts he walked past. Something that he stressed in his speech after the parade was jobs and helping business growth. But yet the local media failed to ask the Senator of five years how this happened during his watch and what did he do about it…
  4. 4.      Sit back and watch the mass of Democrat (paid) college kids all dressed in campaign shirts wandering aimlessly with the candidate down streets they had never seen before. Obvious for none of these hirelings associated with or even talked with or walk with the Rockbridge Democrat float that was just ahead of the blue-mass…
  5. 5.      Note the numerous Republican yard signs that the Dem-muchkins blocked by putting the Democrat Warner yard sign directly in front of them. This is not new and many people see this tactic and comment it over the years. “Think you might win a person’s vote by doing this?”
  6. 6.      Observe the usual hundreds of Democrat Warner signs on the hill near the Maury River just before the pavilion. Again, obviously none of the “Paid” volunteers walking with the Senator are from this area or part of the local Democratic committee….  
  7. 7.      Senator Warner is known for his legendary perspiration during parades and once again no change. Only hope he sweats that much on election night. No worries, if in fact he becomes “unemployed” after election night he still has an average net worth of over $257 MILLION so he will survive. Sure, he understands what you guys are going through in Buena Vista…..
  8. 8.      After watching Warner’s speech I could only notice how he did not mention President Obama once during his speech. And Warner is a guy they tell me voted with Obama 97% of the time during his five years in the Senate…
  9. 9.      Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte and Delegate Ben Cline took the time during their speeches to point out the failures of the Obama administration and the support Obama got from Warner. The “Boys were off the Leash”….
  10. 10.   3rd Party Libertarian candidate Sarvis got to talk last and immediately picked fights with the audience from the “Left & the Right” at which time the Republican crowd left the Pavilion. Common knowledge is that “Libertarian” candidates tend to take votes away from the Republican candidate as compared to the Democrat guy. Needless to say it was fun to watch the hired Demo-college kids sitting there with blank stares wondering if they should still applaud the Libertarian guy who just got trashing their democrat candidate as well…..The “After Party”…..  

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