Sunday, April 16, 2006

Another Note from Herb...

Note from Herb...

Captain Steve Hommel from the 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry, hands out hats and toys to Iraqi children, 24 December 2005, Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq. This photo appeared on

31 March 06
Fri 1455 hrs

Once again I can only offer my heartfelt thanks. We have all of you on the home front who are steadfast Patriots; a most important mission…

We are at war with a viciously coward opposition. The insurgents are doing their filthy best, to sway public opinion in favor of their agenda; to destroy freedom other than that which they dictate.

Our mission here is enjoying steady and lasting progress. Unfortunately, only the number of deaths and fanaticism of homicidal maniacs, get reported by our disillusioned mal-contents of the twisted press.
Not to portray a defeatist attitude but rather a profound realism, Iraq alone is not “The” war on terror. What this particular part, of our battle against terrorism will be noted for is: A strategic and dramatic step in the right direction. The continuation after defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan, of knocking down the tip of the iceberg. As your uniformed warriors, we will carry the fight to our enemies so our enemies will lose on their soil and therefore not be challenged on our own precious Homeland.

Stay motivated and ensure others at home. We will do all in our power to prevent attacks in the U.S.A. Let the enemies of liberty perish on their own ground. Let the lovers of God-given freedoms, Americans, Afghanis, Iraqis, Syrians, Iranians know; Their dreams can be reality. They don’t have to suffer tyranny or oppression on their own. They don’t have to defeat evil by themselves. Those of us who enjoy the rights of freedom, who possess the means and the power, have the duty, the obligation, to help those who share in our desires, to obtain them for themselves and their posterity. This is our mission, I feel blessed to have the honor of carrying it to the fullest fruition.

Thanks again, I love the photos. Thanks to all the patriots at home. It is our honor and our privilege to serve to serve. It is our joy to have such solid support back home…

Your friend,

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