Sunday, January 14, 2007

Delegate Ben Cline (R)


Delegate Ben Cline has proposed "The Virginia Student Protection Act", House Bill #2169 which would prevent ILLEGAL immigrants from getting in state tuition rates and benefits.

The NewsLeader did cover this and several other bills that Delegate Cline has submitted but I found it interesting how the NewsLeader titled their article on this.

"Cline proposes punishing illegal students"

If these "Students" are illegally in this country are we "punishing" them by not giving them in-state benefits?

Should not we require them to leave the country all together?

Should we put them on a true Education Visa where they would be closely watched and ensure they pay full tuition?

Are we not "Punishing" true American citizens and students by giving this benefit to a person illegally in this country?

We must stand up and face the ILLEGAL immigration issue and I commend Delegate Cline for his actions...


Carol from Crimora said...

Amen, Rightside!

Thanks for pointing out once again the News Leader's bold-face bias that they continually deny.

hard2theright said...


It's good to see that Cline has advanced a bill on something that should be a "Slam-dunk". I did notice how the Newsleader calls it "punishing" the illegal and still avoids the issue of the "illegal". All of those idiots protesting downtown staunton seem to avoid that issue also and thus show their trus colors!!!!