Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just down the street!!!

Staunton, VA.

One day after the President’s speech the “Augusta Coalition for Peace and Justice” had their routine protest of “Anything against Bush” in downtown Staunton at their favorite hangout. Ironically it is located just a few hundred yards from the Staunton NewsLeader building. Now with an event like this, 20 people standing on the corner, a local newspaper would be sure to cover a story like this especially with it being in their backyard. The interesting thing is how the NewsLeader once again covered this routine event, which happens whenever the Augusta Coalition has the opportunity to attack the President, without asking the protesters for serious and responsible solutions.

Another interesting thing is the NewsLeader did not provide any information from the other side of this issue or comments from those who understand the importance of this military action and support the President. The NewsVirginian newspaper, based out of Waynesboro VA., also covered this protest and provided comments from a Army Sergeant who just returned from serving a year in downtown Baghdad.

Sergeant Herb Harman just returned last week and is a resident of Churchville and he provided his real life experiences of being in the middle of the fight and what he saw while serving. Not surprisingly this was different from what the Coalition protesters claim and the NewsLeader chose not to provide this “Other” viewpoint. The return of Sergeant Harman has been covered on this blog as well as other local blogs that the NewsLeader editors monitor and contact with the Sergeant would have been easy if the “other” side was desired. Hey, the NewsVirginian was able to obtain the “Other” side to the story and they are not even located a couple hundred yards from where the Coalition protest happened!


Agitator said...

Meanwhile, Mr. Neal continues to "up the level of discourse" across the local blogging scene, while participating in it and getting his own digs in... hilarious!

hard2theright said...

Remember the days when the town would get together to welcome the troops back to their hometown?

Seems now we are falling back to the Viet-nam style of spitting on the soldiers when they come marching back home after serving their country. Only difference now are losers like the Augusta coalition Peace and Justice claim to support the troops out of oneside of their mouths while spitting at them out of the otherside.