Sunday, February 18, 2007

"We Support the Troops!!"...................... sort of, kinda, in our own little special way...

The Daily News-Record newspaper out of Harrisonburg Va. had an interesting editorial this week that quotes Big-Boy John Murtha on his plans to effectively shut down the funding of the troops fighting the war on terrorism by attaching "conditions" to spending bills. His hopes are to keep the spending bills from being passed and resulting in cutting the funding for the war in Iraq. Murtha and his buddies have said they want to bring the Troops home. What, when they run out of bullets to defend themselves with???

In an interview yesterday with, a Web site for a coalition of anti-war groups, Mr. Murtha explained that by placing conditions on $93.4 billion in new combat funds, he would be able to effectively stop the troops in their tracks. "They won’t be able to continue. They won’t be able to do the deployment. They won’t have the equipment, they don’t have the training and they won’t be able to do the work. There’s no question in my mind," Mr. Murtha said.

Supporters of Rep. Murtha want to attach hundreds of legislative strings to military funding, which will in effect cripple the war effort, but may immunize them from any political fallout.


Pro-think said...

You talked alot about why we had to go into Iraq but even now there have been NO wmds found. and now look at all the guys we lost there because bush and his oil buddies need to get the iraq oil.
Jon Murtha is just doing what the people voted for this past election! The overwhelming majority of people want us out of Iraq and Bushs oil war.

RightsideVA said...


It was good to meet you guys and I appreciate the invitation. It was a good format and I believe all had a good exchange and the conversation was active & benficial for all.

I believe the WMD's, which we know Hussein had, used, and hid, were moved to Syria and other neighbor countries just before we went in with our troops. We spent a lot of valuable time going to the United Nations to get the final resolution after what 14 or 17 that did not work... We can go back and there are numerous quotes from "your" party with them saying Hussein had the WMD's... We should be more worried that the WMD's were not there and where did they GO!!!

"Bush & Oil buddies"?
Like Kuwait, if we only went in there to get the oil why did we give the oilfields back to Kuwait and why are we not just parked in the Iraqi oil fields now suckin oil out of the ground?

Look again at the "Majority" that Murtha claims. I will bring the graph and poll with me next week and will post it here soon as I can get a copy up to show tha "Facts" of this "majority"...

Thanks for joining in and I look forward to the next gathering...


Robert said...


We did enjoy your visit and taking the time to speak to our group. We are small but growing quickly and look forward to being part of the next election.

Spoke to one of our teachers this morning and he feels that Mr. Murtha is doing what he and the Democrats have to do to stop Bush and his war. I then asked him if we would have been better to pull out all together by May like many have called. He said that is the only way the world will respect the United states ever again.

I do not agree with the teacher and when I asked him if that would be like what happened in vietnam he did not want to talk about it anymore. Pro-think was there also and he was surprised that the teacher changed the subject and would not go back to the vietnam question I asked.

Thank you again and I like your blog.

RightsideVA said...

I just wonder what type of "Respect" guys like your teacher are looking for. What respect did we have when terrorist attacked us on 9-11 in New York and Washington? We were perceived "Weak" by Bin Laden and many after Clinton refused to respond to the attacks during his administration and before that. Viet-Nam we pulled out without finishing the job and look where that got us... The teacher ignored the Viet-nam question for maybe he knows that if we do that again in Iraq we really will get no "Respect" from the world...

dignan said...

The Iraq WMD's are in Syria!?! Keep making a joke of yourself with your conspiracy theories, nobody takes fools like you seriously. This was settled by the Iraq Survey Group awhile ago, and the educated world has long moved on, your clinging to lies is just pathetic.

dignan said...

Afraid to answer?!
Fools like you only spit out your lies and idiots like you are the only ones who read this shitblog!!!
You and yor party are nothing but losers and dont care about anybody but your wallet and 401k.

Just like swacgirl and maxfield you are nothing but worthless flesh and care nothing about the people who are the majority and voted your loser George Allen out of office. We know have a True Senator who cares about the people of Virginia and will do something with radical idiots like you and the neo-cons that have us in Iraq killing our soldiers!

Since you wont answer my questions you must be hiding under a scummy rock that you live.Good for thay way you will not put out more lies for people to see. Pathetic loser that you are!

RightsideVA said...


Little bit harsh don't you think?
Kind of tells us a lot of what you are..

As far as the WMD's going into Syria that is what I have read but yet there is little reported on that. Just like there was very little reporting from the Mainstream boys when our troops found buried Mig jets in the desert of Iraq. Seems like WMD's to me and yes Saddam hid them.

What about all of the statements by your Dem's who knew that there were WMD's but also can't explain where they went? And if Hussein really did destroy them why didn't he show that to keep from being invaded and removed from power? The fact is we know the WMD's were real and they had to go somewhere.

With you being part of the "educated world " where do you think the WMD's are? Would your UN inspectors have found them even with Hussein diverting them and kicking them out whenever they got close? What do the "Progressives" think about this?

Now as far as the name calling and this "Shitblog"... Pretty much stepped over the line there but I allowed it remaining to show the direction you and your party are headed. Murtha wants to "Slow Bleed" the troops out of Iraq by denying them support. What will you say when that squad of troops are lost due to the airsupport was not there to back them up? How will your party claim you "Support the Troops" when we start loosing soldiers due to lack of supplies or back-up?

The Oscars are over. Time to come back to the real world...

Dignan said...

Yeah the truth can be harsh to those who won't admit it. I look now and SWACGIRL is crying again that Felix Allen was mistreated by the media about his dirty stock deals and they should apologize! What a joke! The majority of voters were tired of allens lies and voted in somebody who is going to do something for Virginians.

Then I go over to Maxfield, the BOY wonder, who is blaming the united states problems on immigrants. Probably the only people the BOY can influence anymore but I doubt it after the kid was exposed not being the lawyer he claimed to be.

What a pathetic bunch!

Dignan said...

OH! came oh so close today in getting rid of half of the PROBLEM!!!

If only that person, who obviously did not get the memo from Cheney about welcoming us with open arms, would have waited a bit longer and gotten a little closer this whole headache might have ended.

Think you people might wake up and get the message now?

Bubba said...

Gee Dignan.....

Nice to see that you are such a resolute and educated person.

If you honestly think that the assasination of the United States Vice President would have helped your pathetic, tuck tail and run campaign then you obviously have not spent much time studying history or the character of the American people. The assasination of Cheney would no doubt regalvinized the public behind the war effort, because the war would have been brought front and center again and that act would have united the resolve of the masses to combat terrorism.
I really cannot understand why they would attack the VP. The media and nutjobs like you are doing it for them with a greater effectiveness. If they wanted to have a positive for them and negative for us effect from an attack they would and should kill media and pacifist types.

I think people who are educated and informed have the message. We are in a war for the survival of our culture and way of life. Nutjobs like you are the ones who need to wake up, before it is to late and we all have to bow east and speak farsi, or risk decapitation.

Oh yeah.....what about those gas shells that they were making IED's out WMD's there eh?

RightsideVA said...

Your levels of Harshness continue but it does show a side of you and the "Progressive" party you admire. I am sure you know of the comments about the Vice-President that were removed at the Huffington Post wishing the terrorist had suceeded. Amazing what your party claims but then the level they continuely drop to at every turn.

And you never did answer the question about what you think happened to the WMD's that you claim are part of my "Conspiracy" theories? Maybe Bubba is right and those weapons are just under your nose and are also in Iran now... The incredible part is your bozo's still spout that Iran is not operating or helping terrorist in Iraq... Let me borrow a description from you: Pathetic...

dignan said...

Both of you are pathetic because you do nothing but defend loser Bush and Cheney as if only they can save the world. The truth is Bush and Cheney are the source of all the problems and as long as they have people like you blindly following we will need to take care of the problem however available.

Bubba claims WMD's like RS does but has no proof of where they come from or where they are "hidden" now. If losers like you did not swallow all of the Bush|cheney bullshit over the past 6 years we would not be in the sorry shape we are now in.

Bubba said...

Where they came from?

let us examine the possibilities.....

The most recent Gas IED munitions were chlorine gas shells being used as IED's in IRAQ.

SADDAM used the same type of gas shell against both the Iranians and the Kurds from IRAQ.

The WMD's include this type of gas shell, but inspectors could not find them except for very old corroded versions of the exact type of shell in IRAQ.

Obviously Haliburton and the VP had these shells brought in to be used against our troops. Or maybe the WMD fairy left them under a picture of Saddam on the new Iraqi holiday "WMD" day, when the WMD fairy brings freshly discovered WMD's to every good terrorist boy and girl. OR MAYBE, just MAYBE, one of the terrorist leaders knew where a stash of these weapons were hidden and decided to use them in an unconventional method. NAH that makes too much sense, the progressives,like you DIGNAN, will just try to make some other excuse.

I don't know where the WMD's went or were hidden, but history shows that they had and used them, WMD's were found but they were older shells, and facilities to produce them were there all they needed were raw materials. You can dispell the presense of WMD's all you want and people can say that the old shells were aged and not as potent, but at the end of the day when you strap a pound of RDX or C4 onto a chemical shell, old or new, the result is the same.

Oh yes Dignan, great wisened one, I am still waiting for you to explain why you think the VP getting assasinated would help anything. I guess you cannot do it becuase that would require thought and analysis deeper than your 9th grade education and CNN can provide.