Friday, February 23, 2007

Welfare at the Golf Course?...

Saw this note yesterday in the Washington Times and it shows what the students are being taught and the information provided to them by the school system. I had a talk with several High School students the other day and it was also interesting to hear what they are being taught on the High School level and how it does not always provide both sides of the story.
Campus climate ", only two of the 12 students had ever heard of a major conservative intellectual like Thomas Sowell. "I had also asked the students how many of them had read anything by Friedrich Hayek, a libertarian thinker on political and economic issues who had won the Nobel Prize. Only two had ever read or been assigned a text by Hayek. "But every hand went up when I asked how many students had been required to read a book by Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is a radical whose animus against his own country is so great that he has described the attack on Pearl Harbor as 'a good thing' and warned in his most recent book that the 'American empire' is a threat to 'global survival.'" David Horowitz, from his new book, "Indoctrination U.: The Left's War Against Academic Freedom"
Also came across a article written by Thomas Sowell, who is mentioned in the above text, and it is interesting the way Sowell presents the "Politics of Welfare" in a economic form. I have read several of his books on economics and his editorials are a very good source of information on the economy...
"Among the many rationales used to defend the welfare state, the most powerful is that it is necessary, in order to take care of the poor and the downtrodden. But the amount of money required to bring every poor person in the country above the official poverty line is a fraction of what is spent by government on the welfare state."
Sowell then shows an example of the "Welfare" system and how our politicians use this system to help them get re-elected. If the system was used to help elevate all those at the poverty level as it was intended, where would we be now? Instead the "Welfare" system has morphed into a system to provide that which is perceived "Needed" to all. Especially those who VOTE...
"If you put San Francisco's golf courses on the open market, in a city with a serious housing shortage and sky high housing prices, chances are good that the land occupied by golf courses would quickly be bid away by those who would build some much-needed housing."

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