Thursday, August 14, 2008

How much longer can we wait on the "Democrats"?...


The Daily News Record ran a story yesterday showing the strong support for drilling for known American energy reserves but how much longer can we wait on the “Democrats”?…

The article was about how Congressman Bob Goodlatte has been joining other Republicans on the floor of the house keeping the debate and pressure on Democratic Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi to call back Congress from their FIVE WEEK vacation to address this issue. Congressman Goodlatte understands that “Drilling” is not the only solution to our energy needs but is an important factor of a comprehensive energy program…

"This is not a short-term problem," he said. "We are pleased that prices are coming down a little bit. But it is a long-term problem, both in terms of the availability of supply and the impact on our economy shipping billions of dollars outside our country to buy foreign oil."

Unfortunately many of those from the Democratic Party continue to prevent a true vote on increased drilling for known American resources and the media continues to fail in asking the hard questions of the “Democrats”.

Democratic candidate Barack Obama now states the he supports offshore drilling under “certain conditions”. What “Certain” conditions? Great way, and political way, to appear you support something that the majority of Americans are calling for but where are the hard questions of his statement? And this is not just a “national” media problem. It also involves local Virginia politics and the lack of questioning local candidates of their statements and claims…

“Goodlatte faces two challengers in his bid for re-election to his 6th District House seat in November: Democrat Sam Rasoul of Blue Ridge and Janice Lee Allen of Bridgewater.
Rasoul and Allen both support massive national efforts to find alternative energy sources to free the country of its dependence on foreign oil.”

What type of “massive” efforts and in what types of alternative energy? SAM has called for increased wind and solar energy production but where? How much land would be required for wind\solar fields? Will these massive energy fields be in Virginia and take the place of farmlands? What will be the energy return on the massive efforts as compared to increased drilling for known American reserves? How and who will pay for the “Massive national efforts” to find alternative energy sources and how will the economy support this effort if energy costs continue to rise while the “Democrats” ignore our known American energy reserves?

“Rasoul opposes drilling in federally protected areas, for now, he said Tuesday. He stressed that other steps should be taken first, including developing the areas where oil companies already have leases but have yet to act.”

SAM, like many of the Democratic Party that he wishes to join in Washington, continue to bring up the “oil lease” issue but the media fails to report that many of these leases are being worked and the time\effort required to bring oil to the market with all of the restrictions placed on the oil companies. Many of these restrictions are the result of “Democratic Party” efforts to appease their environmental lobby friends… The media needs to ask the hard question of why SAM does not want to allow drilling for known American energy reserves that would provide more energy per area used and deliver this American energy source faster to the market?

“Rasoul said he would consider drilling in the environmentally sensitive areas, years from now, if needed.”

SAM, like Obama, has learned to use those “open ended” statements to appear he agrees with the majority of the citizens on this issue but offers little facts to his statements. And the media continues to fail in asking SAM in how many years and how “needed”?… SAM has already learned the “delay” tactics of the Democratic Party in Washington that have resulted in preventing us from delivering known American energy sources to the market.

“In recent weeks, Goodlatte introduced the Virginia Outer Continental Shelf Act.
Under the proposal, Virginia's governor could petition the federal government for a waiver of the federal moratorium on offshore oil and natural gas exploration. The state and federal governments would equally share the revenue from drilling, according to the proposal.”

But the question is will the Democratic Party governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, actually petition the federal government to allow us to deliver known American energy sources off the shores of Virginia? Why should he? The Democratic Party has a long history of preventing drilling for known American energy resources when they had the choice. “Democrat” Virginia Governor MARK WARNER pulled out the veto pen in 2005 when he had a bill on his desk to allow drilling for known American resources off the coast of Virginia. Now Warner wants to be our Virginia Senator in Washington? And then there is the example of “Democrat” President BILL CLINTON who also pulled out the veto pen TEN YEARS ago and prevented drilling for known American energy sources in ANWR and off the coasts of the United States. Don’t the “Democrats” now argue that drilling will not deliver oil to the market for TEN YEARS? Where would we be now if “Democrat” President Clinton did not pull out his veto pen TEN YEARS ago???

How much longer can we wait on these “Democrats”?…

“Goodlatte proposed that 75 percent of the commonwealth's share be used to help with such needs as transportation and education. The remaining 25 percent would be split evenly between the Land and Water Conservation fund and a reserve fund to address other environmental issues.”
Just asking some "Hard" questions of SAM... Click here...

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