Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Pelosi's Vacation" ~Day Seven~


Maybe she really does need a vacation?...

“House Republicans,” Pelosi said, “have opposed forcing oil companies to drill on the 68 million acres they already control, new investments in renewable energy, increasing vehicle fuel efficiency standards, making mass transit more affordable, cracking down on price gouging, and releasing oil from the government’s stockpile.”

Maybe she really does need a vacation?
If the evil-oil companies really were able to get a substantial amount of oil from the leases they have would they rather not enjoy the profit margin of oil they “own” as compared to oil they are buying from other countries? With the free market system there is not a single oil company that could develop these oil surpluses and get it to market to make a profit?

New investments in renewable energy? From what I have read many of the major oil companies are the ones leading research and development in new areas of energy so to secure their futures. Only smart business thing to do…

Making mass transit more affordable? How much cheaper and where will the money come to make it cheaper? Government subsidies? Pretty cheap now and people refuse to use it for they would rather operate and pay for their own private forms of transportation…

Cracking down on price gouging? Always a favorite cry when the prices go up during supply interruptions such as hurricanes and the likes. Still waiting to see proof of actual “price-gouging” and I am sure the Democratic Party would be waving that proof high if they had it….

Releasing oil from government’s stockpile? This one is the most disturbing for if the leader of the House of Representatives, members of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party candidate for President, and many “Prius” owners who really believe this to be a real solution for the energy "crisis" we have. If Pelosi really believes that by releasing our “Strategic” reserves to lower fuel prices for a very short time is worth risking the nation’s emergency oil supply this lady really does need a vacation!!! This will only result in a temporary drop in fuel price and DO NOTHING to bring any more energy into our inventory which is what the problem is… Drilling for known American oil reserves will bring more inventory on-line resulting in actual lower fuel prices and maintaining a strong economy to finance and make research\development of new and renewable sources of energy possible…

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