Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Significant new oil find in the Gulf"... We Need Offshore Drilling in Virginia!!...

It has been reported that there has been a "Significant new oil discovery" in the deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico and it is the result of some very impressive technology, investment, and effort...

The find is located in the Appomattox prospect area in the Mississippi Canyon. The well was drilled through more than 7,200 feet of water to a total depth of 25,077 feet where it found a 530'-thick layer containing oil.

A published report indicates the discovery is estimated to hold at least 100 million barrels of oil.


The above video is from the recent "Summit on Virginia's Energy Future" at which time Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell describes how 37.5% of the royalties coming from the Gulf of Mexico goes directly to the Gulf States and their budgets...


We NEED to develop the known energy sources offshore of the Virginia coast to benefit the Citizens of Virginia and the United States...




Anonymous said...

MMS estimates a grand total of 6.5 days worth of oil off Virginia's coast. Don't hold your breath!

RightsideVA said...

Using what data and what time frame?

Is that for all of the nations oil use in 6.5 days?

The total energy use of the nation for 6.5 days?

Is the MMS audit recent or old data?

Just let the resource sit and not benefit Virginia at all?

How many days in other forms of energy?

Wind Power?



"Alternative" forms of energy?

What if once we develop the infrastructure and technology for offshore Oil, NatGas, Wind, Solar, Tidal, forms of energy we then discover larger sources of Oil\Nat Gas?

They thought the Gulf of Mexico had little more oil in it, just found 100+ Million more barrels...

Go Static?