Sunday, March 21, 2010

Virginia Energy Summit "All of the above"...

That was the answer coming from the President and Chief Nuclear Officer from Dominion Virginia Power when he was asked how Virginia was going to meet the increased energy demand in Virginia’s future…

He went on to explain that there is no one energy source available to Virginia to meet it’s energy needs and that it will take a combination of many different forms of energy production. Some may feel it odd or strange coming from a “Nuclear” guy that he was not pushing for an increase in nuclear production, but like many assembled at this summit, we all know it will take investment in many available forms of energy to fill the need….

Forms of energy such as: Coal
Wind \ Solar
Conservation “The fifth energy”
Oil \ Natural Gas

Another interesting point made was that 60+% of the increased demand for energy in Virginia came from behind existing meters showing that it is not new growth but higher demand in locations with more and bigger toys to run. Homes with multiple computers, flat screen T.V. / monitors, and energy hungry electronics…

“This is not just an issue for Congress to deal with but an important issue that Virginia must also deal with“.
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