Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hillary and China...


Let’s say Hillary pulls it off and finds herself once again in the Oval office but this time it is her behind the desk making the decisions once again. Madame President Hillary finds herself looking at a formidable military superpower in China and thinks back of all of those political donations that both her and Bill took during their campaigns. How does she handle a military superpower like China that has quickly advanced in a short period of time with technological assistance from Bill’s eight years in office?… IBD provides some interesting info and thoghts on this...

"Like Bill, Hillary would pursue a hippie "denuclearization" policy that ends testing of nuclear weapons in our stockpile, while slashing the budget for developing defense systems to protect the U.S. from incoming enemy ICBMs."

"It's no accident that China suddenly gained the capacity to launch pre-emptive nuclear strikes against us. It happened on President Clinton's watch, when he systematically dismantled security at Los Alamos and other defense labs as part of his naive "engagement policy" with Beijing."

"Chinese spies infested the labs and stole technological know-how on five warheads and design codes to two others, including the Pentagon's crown jewel, the W-88 lightweight mini-warhead fired from nuclear subs."

"In doing so, the Cox Commission found, the Chinese saved a tremendous amount of time and money and were able to improve their nuclear arsenal so it could more reliably threaten U.S. cities in a showdown over Taiwan."

"Despite all these concerns, Hillary Clinton wants to re-establish her husband's "strategic partnership" with China, making it clear to us that she would be dangerously incapable of taming the nuclear dragon rising from the Pacific."

We now have a interceptor missile program that has come a long way in protecting the American homeland and many of our allies. What would Hillary do?

But let’s not forget Hillary and her Democratic friends in Congress are once again doing whatever possible to hinder the President and other common sense members in their efforts to protect Americans and the homeland…

"Rep. Jim Moran, Democrat of Virginia, said he assumes the target for the bunker busters is Iran. Expect Moran to use his position on the House Appropriations subcommittee on defense to try to block the White House request for $88 million to equip B-2 stealth bombers with the capacity to carry a new bomb."

"Called the massive ordnance penetrator, this bomb can penetrate hardened targets deep underground. It is six times as big as the current 5,000-pound bunker buster."

"It is ideal, in other words, for destroying subterranean complexes such as the Iranian facility in Natanz, where Tehran is enriching uranium and could produce weapons-grade material beneath several yards of concrete and as much 75 feet of dirt."

"To pretend that Tehran is not a threat, to deny there's a no real war between terrorists and the West, and to cut funding for missile defense in Europe by $139 million is evidence of the Democrats' impotence."

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JT said...

As long as the Chi-coms come up with the $$$ Hillary will play along and like Bill give them whatever they want. Until they build up to a point where they make their move. Missiles on their way, Hillary with the Nuke Football, will she pull the trigger?