Sunday, December 02, 2007

"And now for a question from a undecided, independent, non-affiliated, voter"

It has been noted that the Democratic Party Presidential candidates have refused to participate in any debate moderated by FoxNews for fear of tough or “unfair” questions being asked of them.

This after it being discovered that “selected” campaign staff members or the likes have been inserted into Hillary Clinton events to ask the candidate favorable or “appropriate” softball questions of her. Look at what Clinton and her staff did to Tim Russert when he asked a simple question that “Stepped over” her line of comfort. Wolf Blitzer got his warning and was a good boy when the time came.

And then there was this past weeks CNN\YouTube Republican Party Presidential candidate debate where over 5,000 video questions were submitted for CNN to choose from. Robert Bluey from The Heritage Foundation has some interesting observations of the choices made by CNN:

“The network had nearly 5,000 to choose from -- plenty to get a good representation of a variety of issues. Instead, we heard three questions about guns, a question attacking trade, another about the North American Union, a question about The Holy Bible and two each on abortion and homosexuality. By the time Anderson Cooper got around to introducing a question about the Confederate flag, it was time to click off the TV“.

Unlike the Democratic Party candidates, the Republican Party candidates participated in a televised debate to give the voters of the United States to see their performance and understand the candidates positions on issues. Unfortunately CNN once again concentrated on the potential damaging questions in hopes of tripping up the Republican candidates instead of providing a forum for serious discussion.

“What was missing? There wasn’t a single question about America’s energy policy, the environment, entrepreneurship or education. Despite this being the most tech-savvy debate in terms of format, there were no questions on net neutrality or telecom policy. Most alarming was the complete omission of the single biggest public policy debate taking place in Washington today: health care“.

Fortunately the voters and citizens of the United States are viewing the true agenda of some mainstream media outlets like CNN and Clinton with her “stacking” the deck at her events…

Imagine if it was possible to get Hillary and the other Democratic Party candidates in front of a moderator that would ask the questions that the Citizens of the United States would truly like to hear? What would happen if there was a moderator who had the tough and appropriate follow-up question after the candidate had spun themselves out from under the initial question? Tim Russert is good, but imagine if he had the freedom to ask the questions the way he wanted?

I encourage you to post questions that you would like asked of the Democratic Party candidates at the next debate. It’s not going to happen but can you imagine?


RightsideVA said...

Ms. Rodham-Clinton..

You have talked about your extensive experience in the workings of a Whitehouse administration during your husbands terms of office. Will you, before the Democratic Primary, release the documents of your involvement in your husbands administration? We don’t need to see them all and we are sure if you concentrate the husbands library staff could easily release the important files…

RightsideVA said...

Candidate Clinton,

If elected to the office of the President of the United States, will you and first husband return with the furniture you guys took the first time or this a whole new “Shopping-spree” on the taxpayers credit card?…