Friday, December 07, 2007

What if "Hillary" was in charge?...


Investor’s Business Daily pointed out the report about another successful missile defense test that was ignored by the mainstream media. The mainstream has been quick to report\discuss the recent National Intelligence Estimate which “Estimates” that Iran stopped it’s work on Nuclear weapons approximately three years ago. But yet Iran has worked hard to develop missile technology to deliver some type of warhead in the near future…

"Advances in missile defense, like good news from Iraq, are things the mainstream media and Democrats ignore. So you may not have heard that an Air Force F-16 successfully destroyed a ballistic missile in its boost phase using an air-to-air missile.
One would think that those who think President Bush is once again trying to conjure up an excuse for war, this time with Iran, would embrace missile defense. The ability to shoot down an Iranian Shahab on a trajectory toward Israel would make a pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuclear installations less likely".

It is good news that the Iranians have stopped(?) their efforts to develop a nuclear weapon but what about their work to develop a missile system that could deliver a nuclear warhead given to them or purchased on e-bay?

"Democrats want us to think the recent National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) puts to rest the issue of an Iranian nuclear threat. But the operative word here is "estimate" and the first rule of estimates is that they are usually wrong. Like Hitler before him, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced his intentions".

"According to news reports, Monday's test at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico involved an F-16 fighter that fired two modified AIM-9X missiles at the target, an Orion research rocket. The first missile hit and destroyed the target. The second recorded the intercept and was also on a trajectory to hit the target".

"But Democrats in Congress want to gut missile defense and have repeatedly slashed Bush's funding requests. If they don't want us to bomb Iran, do they at least want to defend America and its allies"?

Very good read at IBD:


KOOCH said...

Another aspect of the report that is getting little notice or debate in the media is the quality of the report. The report is taken as the "Truth". yet indicates that previous reports (which were written by the same agency) were wrong. Do we know that this one is correct. Maybe this report is wrong and previous reports were correct.

Also another technical note. Uranium enrichment is the most difficult and time consuming aspect of building a bomb. Yet this is the one activity that Iran is still carrying out. Why are they doing this? Designing a bomb is not difficult. In the 70s, a Princeton Student designed one for his Senior Thesis from publically available materials. Need to take this report (as with any intelligence report including the previous ones on Iran) with a grain of salt.

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